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African trip through Zambia and Zimbabwe + useful information

05-09-2017 / FlyingPolack!

Africa has always associated me with wild animals, which at most I saw in the zoo, landscapes not seen anywhere else, but also with XIX-century explorers who were the first people from the “developed world” to go through unknown lands, reached the sources of great rivers, learn habits of local tribes. Today, as we know,…

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In search of dragons and lost villages, Flores & Komodo, Indonesia

19-04-2017 / FlyingPolack!

Indonesia, to put it mildly, isn’t a small country. It consists of over 1700 islands. I was on just two: Komodo and Flores, which were quite small compared to the rest. On the other hand, how many treasures these small patches of land cover might blow your mind! Famous Komodo Dragons, an insanely beautiful underwater…

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In the country of Robert Mugabe – Harare, Zimbabwe

12-03-2017 / FlyingPolack!

I say Zimbabwe, I think Robert Mugabe. The dictator, who 37 years ago took power, and once he gained it so that he can’t let it go till today. By which suffers the country, it’s economy and, above all, people. But if the same black and white approach  have people of Zimbabwe? And how looks…

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The most livable city? – Melbourne, Australia

12-03-2017 / FlyingPolack!

“The Economist” annually performs ranking of “The most liveable city”. Ranked are cities, to which one might want to move or who simply would like to visit it as a tourist. So the cities from notorious war-torn regions, like Kabul or Baghdad are not taken into consideration. Among 140 evaluated cities, first place for the…

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In the land of hobbits – Hobbiton, New Zealand

12-03-2017 / FlyingPolack!

When it comes to driving vehicles not powered by muscle, I can’t even say of himself, “Sunday driver”, as to me happens to drive averagely once a quarter . And here I have to even drive the left side. Fortunately, at least the gearbox was automatic. On board me and 4 girls from Portugal, Spain,…

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Communism still alive – Trivandrum, India

27-11-2016 / FlyingPolack!

30 minutes – this is how long does it take to don a sari, which’s the traditional dress worn around the Indian subcontinent. From Pakistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east. From the Himalayas in the north to the beaches of Kerala in the south. Watching the colorful robes of the local women,…

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27-11-2016 / FlyingPolack!

30 minutes – this is how long does it take to don a sari, which’s the traditional dress worn around the Indian subcontinent. From Pakistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east. From the Himalayas in the north to the beaches of Kerala in the south. Watching the colorful robes of the local women,…

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Flying Shahrukh Khan in Kolkata – India

17-10-2016 / FlyingPolack!

11.10 pm. At full volume blaring annoying alarm sound. Surprised that it’s already, I open one eye, which begs to be closed back. However, there’s no time for an additional 5 minutes under warm duvet. A quick shower, putting on uniform and semi-conscious I grab the previously prepared suitcase. I’m good to go. Do not…

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Egypt without travel agency

22-09-2016 / FlyingPolack!

I’m sitting at the foot of the pyramid-shaped tomb with more than 4,000 years of history. Few clouds on a blue sky briskly moves wind, which at the same time is firing on my face grains of sand. Only buildings of Giza spoil the landscape, which though are being barely stopped before invading this historic…

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Quite a different world – Kyoto, Japan

20-08-2016 / FlyingPolack!

Traveling around Europe, America, and other members of the so-called Western World, we have the opportunity to experience a bit different architecture, nature, language, or cuisine then in our homeland, but is it really so exotic? Culture so different from ours? The whole Europe, America, and Australia come from the Judeo-Christian culture, the Latin culture….

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War between tradition and modernity – Beijing, China

15-07-2016 / FlyingPolack!

20 months flying and finally got me to Beijing. And even twice! Although we fly there twice a day, seven days a week, even though the flight isn’t the favorite flight of my colleagues, I had to specifically ask for the destination to be able to finally be there.Every country has its customs As for…

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On the track of mountain gorillas – Uganda

09-07-2016 / FlyingPolack!

On a flight from Dubai to Entebbe in Uganda, together with my companion Łukasz, sipping drinks, we enjoyed the prospect of adventure awaiting us. But something was troubling our heads. Well that day, ie. June 12th, Poland played their first game at the Euro Cup in France. So where the hell we can see the…

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Vatican from inside – worldwide wonders

21-05-2016 / FlyingPolack!

6.45 am Polish time, and I’m sitting comfortably on a plane to my beloved homeland and I write. Next to me Kasia – blond hair girl from Mikolajki Pomorskie (small town, north part of Poland), proud representative of the Lemko community (national minority) and also the crew traveling as a passenger. We talked a little…

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Sri Lanka – land of not one people, history, religion

18-04-2016 / FlyingPolack!

As you saw in the previous two posts, Sri Lanka could easily aspire to the title of Eden on Earth. Tea plantations, incredible fauna and flora and the mile-long beaches actually evoke associations with a little haven away from us by a flight in the plane. But Ceylon isn’t only a paradise scenery but most…

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Sri Lanka – Garden of Eden

10-04-2016 / FlyingPolack!

Without any doubts Sri Lanka could aspire to the title of Eden on Earth. Here stretches miles of paradise beaches with its fine sand, flanked on one side by 20-foot coconut palms, and on the other by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Here rainforest, a few km away bush, yet elsewhere never ending…

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Sri Lanka – the land of tea

01-04-2016 / FlyingPolack!

Every morning, afternoon and evening  billions of cups of tea are being drunk. The English drink it with milk, Arabs and Turks, with plenty of sugar, a spoon of jam adds Russians, Mongols with salt, milk and butter of yak, and the Poles with slice of lemon. Today I’m taking you to a land where…

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Flying Polack on bike through Spain – part 4

04-03-2016 / FlyingPolack!

The fourth part of my first real trip – Spain on bicycle, which I did 8 years ago, at the age of 19. I hope that you remember from the first, second and third part ( ; that the whole text wasn’t created solely from my memories, but mostly from my travel diary…

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Finally that first time – Chennai, India

27-02-2016 / FlyingPolack!

So many flights, without getting out of this big tin machine in one way and coming back. Dubai – Delhi – Dubai. Dubai – Bombay and back. Dubai – Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore … and back again. So many times I landed in this country, but I could see it only by small aircraft window. Until…

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Flying Polack on bike through Spain – part 3

19-02-2016 / FlyingPolack!

The second part of my first real trip – Spain on bicycle, which I did 8 years ago, at the age of 19. I hope that you remember from the first and second part ( ; that the whole text wasn’t created solely from my memories, but mostly from my travel diary that I…

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Amazing Jordan!

15-02-2016 / FlyingPolack!

Barely landed after the flight from Dallas, and the next morning already flight to Amman. But this time not as a steward but as a passenger! So there’s no time to lose. Quick packing bags, the last check on the weather and fly! Adventure, here I come! In front of me the whole four days…

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Dhaka – the human traffic

26-01-2016 / FlyingPolack!

Imagine a place which look like there would be stocked almost half the world’s population, where every street, square, park, every piece of land is tightly filled with people. Such an impression you get being in Dhaka – capital of Bangladesh. Here you won’t feel lonely Country, flat as a car park, of an area…

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Manila – Metropolis of South – East Asia At Full Speed

10-01-2016 / FlyingPolack!

2.00 in the morning, exactly two hours before departure, the whole crew checks into the briefing room. Most of the passengers on today’s flight are those transferring from American and European flights (Filipinos living abroad come home for a short vacations). Purser – sympathetic Filipino about 50 years old, checks the system, if our passengers…

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NBA game on live!

04-01-2016 / FlyingPolack!

“I love this game!” Do you remember this catchword in 90s? :) That was the sentence spoken after every short commercial presenting in 30 seconds many spectacular actions from National Basketball Association – NBA! Then a small Flying Polack caught the love of basketball from his friends from the neighborhood and from NBA games watched…

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Wesołych świąt moi drodzy i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

23-12-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Wesołych świąt moi drodzy i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! My lovely non-Polish speakers I’d like to wish you Marry Christmas and the very happy New Year! First off all I’d like to wish you health because without it we can’t do much. Second of all I’d like to wish you to be happy in the place…

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Not only white sand – Mauritius

23-12-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Short vacation in a place that I once thought that I could only admire as a wallpaper from Windows. Not that I didn’t believe in myself, but bearing in mind how expensive it is I would rather go to my beloved Latin America. Because what would I do during all that time on some island,…

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Polish New York

18-12-2015 / FlyingPolack!

New York is a destination as loved as hated in the community of cabin crew in my company. Capital of the world, the city that never sleeps. You can fly there 10th time and still you won’t get bored. But to get there, first you have to spend 13 hours in a huge Airbus A380,…

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Flying Polack on bike through Spain – part 2

13-12-2015 / FlyingPolack!

The second part of my first real trip – Spain on bicycle, which I did 8 years ago, at the age of 19. I hope that you remember from the first part ( that the whole text wasn’t created solely from my memories, but mostly from my travel diary that I was conducting that time….

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Chat with the citizen from the different world

08-12-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Workout in the gym done, lunch eaten, 2 pm and get down to writing. My concentration got interrupted by the phone. Rolling my eyes with displeasure I run to the bedroom to pick up. Security: Good afternoon Mr. Daniel, I’m calling from security. Can maintenance enter the apartment to clean air-conditioning? Me: Okay, they can….

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Flying Polack on bike through Spain – part 1

28-11-2015 / FlyingPolack!

In my first real trip I went 8 years ago, at the age of about 19 years old. And it was in Spain. On bike. Today, when I describe to you places scattered around the globe, Spain may not seem like anything exotic, but for me it was that time almost the end of the…

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Wonders at the end of the world – Cape Town, South Africa

06-11-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Year of flying, and finally managed to get this dream destination. And even twice! But to not make this story too beautiful I’ll just mention that the flight itself isn’t easy. For me it’s closely connected with the hardest aspect of this job – departure early in the morning, before dawn. Which usually ends with…

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Those other China – Taipei, Taiwan

25-10-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Two hours after sunset. The narrow streets densely lined with stalls offering a whole range of local delicacies. Locals who had finished work for the day provides themselves with pork, seafood and sweets. Just one thing doesn’t fit into this colorful mosaic. Squeezing international group with high (relatively) Pole at the front. Yes it’s us….

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The land of fire and water – Iceland

25-09-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Stockholm airport, at 8.50 in the morning. On the runway hang around SAS and Norwegian aircrafts, and I I’m sitting with a laptop, coffee and two large backpacks waiting for a flight back to Dubai. Messages on my phone from the bank about the status of my account makes me realize that it was my…

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The heart of the tiger – Kuala Lumpur

07-09-2015 / FlyingPolack!

We arrive to Kuala Lumpur at 10 pm. The plan for the next day was already set up. As always ambitious. Places to see would be enough for 2 days but I had only 27 hours. So early wake-up, short workout in the gym and let’s go! It turned out that my plans were a…

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City of undergrounds, aircrafts and ghosts – Seattle

17-08-2015 / FlyingPolack!

14 long hours on the deck filled to the last seat by passengers. Around 1 pm., “slightly” tired, we leave the plane. Natural behavior would be having a nap, at least two-hour, to give a little rest to tired body. None of these things. For the first time in Seattle and 51 hours to use!…

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Sensory Overload – Vietnam

09-08-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Vietnam has made my senses overdose, which still continue to undergo convalescence. Eyes were treated by beautiful nature of Mekong Delta, jungles in central Vietnam, North hills decorated with green rice terraces. The ears had to become resistant to eternal hoot virtually every vehicle fitted with a horn. Taste buds were pampered to taste a…

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Cage Diving with Sharks! – Durban, South Africa

09-07-2015 / FlyingPolack!

South Africa, Durban. Darkness is still outside the window (in the end it’s a winter time, only 20 Celsius degrees during the day). I open one eye and groped trying to deactivate the alarm, which rang exactly at 5 am. I still didn’t rest properly after flight from the desert, but I don’t care. In…

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Heart of Middle East – Lebanon

27-06-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Despite the fact that currently I live in the Arab country, a visit to Lebanon was almost like a journey to another world. This country is in fact quite different from its Arab neighbors. It lacks the desert, religious diversity is not encountered anywhere else, freely available alcohol, and most forested country in the entire…

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Small but Pugnacious – Taal Volcano, Philippines

12-06-2015 / FlyingPolack!

The flight to Manila was at the worst possible time. I had to be at the airport at 00.30. So because of that, I forced myself to go to bed at 8 pm. I was turning from side to side, until finally… I slept shit. Dozens of forms of transport But it’s ok. My first…

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California Dream – San Diego

07-06-2015 / FlyingPolack!

The factory of movies. The famous Los Angeles! Definitely a gem in my June roster. Only one thing limited my excitement. Fear that the crew fails and a 49-hour stay in California will spend as usual on shopping and eating. California though, like most US states is subordinated to cars. Huge distances, great highways and…

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Beverly Hills and favelas in one – Casablanca

23-05-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Casablanca is one of those metropolis known as a city of contrasts. There are elegant neighborhoods designed by French planners, villas compared with those in Beverly Hills, where rich youth in clubs buys a bottle of champagne for almost 1,000 euros (GDP per capita Morocco is 2,860 Euro), but also the slums, where leaves hundreds…

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Magical Land – Podlasie

11-05-2015 / FlyingPolack!

40 minutes ago I boarded a plane at Frederic Chopin International Airport in Warsaw to come back from first vacations in my beloved Poland to the desert. I’m sitting now, with fasten seatbelt in Boeing 777-300 and still wandering, that in my country are still so unusual and by many unexplored places. That just three…

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New York – Where amazing happens

28-04-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Probably the only place in the world where despite the fact you’re visiting for the first time in my life, it seems to you that already know them. Yellow, trumpeting taxis, passing through the streets intersecting at right angles over which hovers a pair of drains, fans, pipes. Stands with hot dogs, skyscrapers in Art-Deco…

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If this is how the paradise looks like I’m gonna be good now – Seychelles

22-04-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Despite the early morning, the passengers boarding on a Boeing 777-300 were in great moods, as was the crew. Smiles from ear to ear. All because, well aware where we’re going to be in 4 hours and 30 minutes, because this is how long takes the flight. I’m already flying 8 months and I have…

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Where Europe meets Asia – Istanbul

11-04-2015 / FlyingPolack!

If I hadn’t already give a true love to some city where I was born and grew up, I would say that I fell in love with Istanbul. How Come? I love the fact that walking through the streets of this city all of a sudden, completely unexpected there are buildings with a longer history…

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Sad people, socialist realism and bad luck – Moscow

01-04-2015 / FlyingPolack!

Having in mind today’s political situation in Europe and in the world, a flight to the heart of Russia seemed to be even more interesting than even before. Moreover, for me, as a Pole, seeing the city, which have decided, to put it mildly, about so unfavorable solutions for Poland at the turn of history,…

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Oman – beautiful land without tourists

26-03-2015 / FlyingPolack!

The first real journey since the change of residence from Warsaw to Dubai. Moreover, it was not in the company of people randomly met on the flight, as occurred in the last half year (Jesus! Already so long?!), but with closest friends who decided to visit me here in the desert. After presenting them the…

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Suprisingly nice excursion – Hamburg

13-03-2015 / FlyingPolack!

January 26th, as at the end of every month, came one of the moments on which each steward / stewardess is waiting – flight roster for the next month. Excited I opened the e-mail, and there was multisector Singapore – Melbourne – Singapore, Prague, exotic Lagos, cold and intriguing.. Moscow and Hamburg. German city, Europe,…

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Switzerland of South East Asia – Singapore

16-02-2015 / FlyingPolack!

The title seems to be an exaggeration? None of these things. These tiny little state after the separation from Britain in 1965 during the life of just one generation, turned into a real economic tiger (or rather lion? city name consists of two Sanskrit words: Singa – lion and pura – city). The system of…

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Thai calm after the storm – Bangkok, Thailand

28-01-2015 / FlyingPolack!

22nd May 2014, 4.30 pm. On television screens throughout Thailand appears Thai army commander – General Prayuth Chan-ocha and announces that takes over rule in the country. Provides that, to make a (19th already in the modern history of the country) coup forced him desire to restore peace in the country, torn by protests, unrest…

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Third world – Lagos, Nigeria

15-01-2015 / FlyingPolack!

“If you want to visit other parts of Nigeria, do not go to the province of Daura, Rano, Cano, Sokoto – there Boko Haram will cut your head. Avoid the Poartsourth, Delta, Binin – there you might be kidnaped.” Such advises gave me Bayo – my guide, while dropping me to the hotel after the…

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From sand to Guinness records – Dubai

11-01-2015 / FlyingPolack!

A few more days and it will be exactly six months since I first came to the desert, to the United Arab Emirates, to Dubai. When it passed?! Despite the fact that from the whole country the best known is Dubai, where I came to live nowadays, neither it is the strongest or the wealthiest…

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Green, contaminated city – Guangzhou, China

31-12-2014 / FlyingPolack!

When talking about China, it is impossible to not overuse the word “most”. Most populous country in the world, already more than 1.3 billion people. Almost every fifth inhabitant of the earth is Chinese. One of the biggest countries in the world, 3rd position after Russia and Canada. And finally the fastest growing economy in…

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Multicolor Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa

23-12-2014 / FlyingPolack!

South Africa – this strange country in Africa where white people lives. Once I thought like that, yet before the Polish education system, briefly explained the history of this country. How Dutch arrived in the XVII century to the present Cape Town, and a century later the British. This post is a result of already…

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From grain to glass – Dublin, Ireland

19-12-2014 / FlyingPolack!

I must confess that before the visit to Éire, (this is the name of Ireland in native language), I didn’t know much about this country. Irish whiskey! For most of the existence belonged or was occupied, as the Irish would say, by the United Kingdom. In the mid-nineteenth century, many people emigrated to the United States…

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First visit to black Africa – Nairobi, Kenya

15-12-2014 / FlyingPolack!

I was waiting for this flight a whole month, until finally the day has come – November 24, when I went to the black land. To real Africa, where Pumba says “hakuna matata” and Masaai still lead traditional lifestyle (at least during the shows for tourists). From the beginning I had one goal – to…

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How it started..

14-12-2014 / FlyingPolack!

So it happend! Daniel – Flying Polack! started his journey with blogging. Daniel – 26 years old, Pole from Warsaw, who few months ago revolutionized his life. And not so long ago nothing portended it. Two years ago I got master’s degree from spatial planning (urbanistics). I was already working in the Ministry of Regional…

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