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Daniel Wasik
Hello! I'm Daniel
I'm so fascinated by traveling and exploring the world Polish guy that once I decided to turn my life (which was in line with the schemes adopted as the standard in the times we live in) upside down. In March 2014 I was returning from a 2,5 week trip in Costa Rica, back to my perfectly planned life. I was already 26 years old. Masters degree done, job as a civil servant in the government sector and in the near future plans to take a mortgage to buy an apartment. Seemingly, everything arranged, but something was not right... I was looking at the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean through the airplane window and occurred to me that despite all my love to my family and friends I don't want to go back to that lifestyle. Without hesitating too long, I left work and everything so far and I moved to Dubai, where working on board for one of the largest airlines in the world where I travel wherever curiosity (and flight schedule) will take me. Places scattered throughout various parts of the world and backstage of working as a cabin crew I subjectively present by the written and spoken word. And at the same time I'm trying to inspire, educate and help :)
More in post: How it started..

You're planning trip to the place I've already visited and you're looking for advices? You'd like to establish cooperation/ partnership? You have some remarks to my creation? (better don't! ;) ) Or you'd like to just chat about life, death, passing of time?

Go ahead and write!
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