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31 Mar 2020

African trip through Zambia and Zimbabwe + useful information

African trip through Zambia and Zimbabwe + useful information

Africa has always associated me with wild animals, which at most I saw in the zoo, landscapes not seen anywhere else, but also with XIX-century explorers who were the first people from the “developed world” to go through unknown lands, reached the sources of great rivers, learn habits of local tribes.

Today, as we know, we have 21st century. Globalization has reached almost everywhere. And where it didn’t reach, she was not consciously admitted. I, however, undaunted by the modernity and discovery of everything, together with my companion Łukasz, went on a two-week African trip through Zambia and Zimbabwe. For me, what has made this trip a real expedition was to get around this part of Africa by public buses, being hosted by locals, or go for a concert in Harare, and after it for a hangover breakfast :)

Check out our adventure on the following videos:

Travel Plan, useful information, random prices:

$ 1 – 9.1 ZMA (Kwacha)

10 ZMA – $ 1.1

As for the Zimbabwean dollar, it’s theoretically 1: 1 with the US dollar. But in practice it’s worth as much as paper, so it’s better to leave Zimbabwe without it.

And here I’ll try to show you where exactly we were, costs we took and some practical information:

2 weeks in June 2017

  1. Flight Dubai -> Lusaka (Emirates). We stayed in Lusaka overnight thanks to lovely girls found on

We took the taxi from the airport to the bus station to buy a bus ticket for the next day, and then, with the same taxi, we headed to above-mentioned, place to sleep. Cost of taxi: $ 16 (150ZMA) after haggling

  1. Bus Lusaka -> Mfuwe (Gateway to South Luangwa National Park) 14-15 hr. Cost: $ 23 (220 ZMA)

You can also go by Chipata (7h), cost: $ 20 and from there pick up minibus to Mfuwe (4h).

Bus from Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka

We slept in the Croc Valley Camp at the Turtle Tents option (cheapest if you’re without tent). As the nights were cool, air conditioning was not needed. Cost $ 115 per night. Price includes: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 safari (morning and evening).

1-day entrance to the National Park: $ 25

  1. Flight Mfuwe -> Livingstone (Proflight) with change in Lusaka. Cost: $ 350
  2. Accommodation in Livingstone: Jollyboys Backpackers. Double shared bathroom – $ 45 a night. On-site restaurant. Good breakfast (omelette, 2 eggs, toast and tea): $ 5 (45 ZMA). Dinner (burger, salad, brewery): $ 9 (85 ZMA)

White Water Rafting + Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River – $ 170

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls – $ 195

Bungee from the bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe: $ 160

All activities we booked through the hostel.

  1. Crossing the border with Zimbabwe. The cost of the taxi from the hostel to the border: 40 Kwacha. Cost of visa (paste to your passport): $ 30

Entrance to waterfalls on Zimbabwe side: $ 30

  1. Night train Victoria Falls – Bulawayo – 15h ride. Cost: $ 12

If you are traveling in the winter, be sure to ask about blankets or take with you warm clothes/ sleeping bag.

  1. Hostel in Bulawayo: $ 30, 3-person bedroom (we got one white Zimbabwean without cash);)

Matobo National Park with a guide – $ 100

Breakfast at Bulawayo (steak, 2 eggs, beans, french fries, toast, coffee): 10 $

Dinner: (starter half in the form of chicken lever, chicken breast with chips, dessert – pancakes, beer): $ 20

  1. Bus Bulawayo (Renkin Terminus. Buses almost every hour) – Masvingo – 4-5h drive. Cost: $ 8

Taxi Masvingo – Great Zimbabwe: $ 3

Overnight in Great Zimbabwe: double without bathroom: $ 30

Entrance to Great Zimbabwe: $ 15

Good place for a meal in Masvingo: Blue Bird Cafe. Breakfast (steak, 2 eggs, beans, toast, dessert, coffee): $ 15

Lunch (liver, rice, salad, dessert, coffee): $ 15

  1. Masvingo Bus – Harare (Mbare Musika Bus Terminal) – 4-5h drive. Cost: $ 8

Tariff from the bus station to downtown – $ 6

KFC (Twister and Zinger) – $ 8

Overnight at couchsurfer and later we went to reggae concert: D

Drink at the concert (Whiskey with Cola): $ 7

  1. Flight back: Harare – Johannesburg – Dubai
  2. Other:

Insurance (including extreme sports like bungee, white water rafting): 455 PLN ($ 128)

Bunch of small bananas on routes in Zambia: $ 1

Bottle of drinking water in Lusace 1,5L: 10 ZMA ($ 1,1)

Fine shopping in Zimbabwe (1.5L water, snickers, cookies): $ 4.5

Summary: $ 2061,5 (without flight tickets to Lusaka and from Harare)

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