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31 Mar 2020

In search of dragons and lost villages, Flores & Komodo, Indonesia

In search of dragons and lost villages, Flores & Komodo, Indonesia

Indonesia, to put it mildly, isn’t a small country. It consists of over 1700 islands. I was on just two: Komodo and Flores, which were quite small compared to the rest. On the other hand, how many treasures these small patches of land cover might blow your mind! Famous Komodo Dragons, an insanely beautiful underwater world, caves where a new species of man has been discovered, a villages far from civilization and all in lush, aggressive green vegetation.

And now click on the link below, where I have the pleasure to take you to this amazing land :)

Accommodation in Labuanbajo is quite limited and not cheap at all. Night with such a view and with breakfast (considering the amount of calories it is rather for those on a diet) costs $ 45 (off season). In addition, AC included, after which you have the impression that the storm was coming ;)

First encounter with shark!

Diving in Komodo National Park gives you almost a guarantee of seeing the Manta Rays

Lion Fish

Summit of Gunung Ara on Komodo Island

PN Komodo consists of two islands Komodo and Rinca. And all of Labuanbajo’s trips are on the latter island, which is smaller and most of the dragons are centered around the Ranger Station, so it’s guaranteed to see them. We chose Komodo, first to make a decent trekking to the summit and on the way, hopfully! see the lizards in their natural environment. And it worked! Another plus is that there were no people at all besides us and some rangers. The boat we managed to rent for about $ 150

Spider’s Web rice field
Before going to Wae Rebo we spent a night at Wae Rebo Homestay (18$) with dinner and breakfast, before the trekking, and lunch when we returned the next day.
Trekking on the way to Wae Rebo

You don’t need a guide to reach there, even though the people in the place we stayed night before, were encouraging us

From the Kelimutu National Park you can walk down to Moni through local villages

Koka Beach

Best fish on whole Flores island in Laryssa Restaurant near Koka Beach
Island of Flores we wanted explore by renting a car and driving from Labuanbajo to Maumere and from there take a flight back to Bali. It’s difficult to rent a car on your own, not mentioning leaving it at the final destination. So we decided to take a car with a driver. If you have more time then you can rent scooters.

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