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31 Mar 2020

The most livable city? – Melbourne, Australia

The most livable city? – Melbourne, Australia

“The Economist” annually performs ranking of “The most liveable city”. Ranked are cities, to which one might want to move or who simply would like to visit it as a tourist. So the cities from notorious war-torn regions, like Kabul or Baghdad are not taken into consideration.

Among 140 evaluated cities, first place for the sixth time in a row, won Melbourne in Australia. It happened that I landed there 4 times in one month – January. Therefore I decided to see what is so cool about Melbourne and if indeed I could live there.

I invite you to the investigation, of which results you can see in the following video, to which I kindly invite you :)

The city can be proud, among the others, of a lot of green areas,
biggest tram network in the world,
biggest number of Victorian architecture,
loads of street art
very liberal restrictions considering skyscrapers in comparison to other ozzie cities

New York?

The oldest train station in Australia, at Flinders Street, in the very center of Melbourne
Beach district – St. Kilda
View from Shrine of Remembrance
Photo I was able to take thanks to kindness of caretaker woman of a private university :)
Yarra river with many cool pubs and cafes on it’s banks
The best scrambled eggs, not counting the one of my mom, I have ever had in one of the city’s best breakfast places – The Three Bags Full
Egg benedict together with asparagus and salmon in not worse breakfast place then the one before – Breakfast Thieves 
100% vegan lunch in Matcha Mylkbar

One thought on “The most livable city? – Melbourne, Australia

  1. Jose Garcia April 12, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    Great pictures as always. The second and third photos reminded me a lot of the US for some reason. And also you said “ozzie cities” but isn’t it “aussie” or I was mistaken?

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