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31 Mar 2020

In the land of hobbits – Hobbiton, New Zealand

In the land of hobbits – Hobbiton, New Zealand

When it comes to driving vehicles not powered by muscle, I can’t even say of himself, “Sunday driver”, as to me happens to drive averagely once a quarter . And here I have to even drive the left side. Fortunately, at least the gearbox was automatic.

On board me and 4 girls from Portugal, Spain, England and Ireland. Barely sun raised and we traverse the northern island of New Zealand to the place that in 1998 director Peter Jackson chose for one of the set designs for the film “The Lord of the Rings.”

So much by way of introduction. The rest you’ll find out from the video below, which I kindly invite you to watch:

Learning how to drive on the left side
On the hill, house of Bilbo Baggins
And on it, oak, made from silicon, plastic and other synthetic materials
Here hobbits are coming fishing
Local factory of dairy products

One thought on “In the land of hobbits – Hobbiton, New Zealand

  1. Jose Garcia April 12, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    So how did it feel to be even MORE tall in the land of the tiny hairy feet peeps? :-P

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