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28 Feb 2020

In the country of Robert Mugabe – Harare, Zimbabwe

In the country of Robert Mugabe – Harare, Zimbabwe

I say Zimbabwe, I think Robert Mugabe. The dictator, who 37 years ago took power, and once he gained it so that he can’t let it go till today. By which suffers the country, it’s economy and, above all, people. But if the same black and white approach  have people of Zimbabwe?

And how looks like capital of such country, Harare. Is it really one of the worst cities to live in, as classified this African metropolis “The Economist”?

This and other interesting facts you will learn from the following video :)

Rain season, which is about to an end, is threatening with some storm clouds over city skyline
Example of colonial architecture in the city

Purely ecological building – Eastgate Center

Tishane, who I met through, was kind enough to take me to typical local bar with loads of beer, rythmic African music and football games (the most popular sport in Zimbabwe) broadcasted on tv. Thanks a lot mate! :)

One thought on “In the country of Robert Mugabe – Harare, Zimbabwe

  1. Jose Garcia April 12, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Kewl beans but… on one of the descriptions you said “Purely ecological building” but… how? or better said… why?

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