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28 Feb 2020

Not only white sand – Mauritius

Not only white sand – Mauritius

Short vacation in a place that I once thought that I could only admire as a wallpaper from Windows. Not that I didn’t believe in myself, but bearing in mind how expensive it is I would rather go to my beloved Latin America. Because what would I do during all that time on some island, but enjoying the sights of paradise beaches (probably as you already have noticed from pictures in previous photos, I’m not a huge fan of sunbathing)? Nothing could be further from the truth! If, like me until recently, you think that Mauritius has only beaches to offer, drinks with an umbrella and sunsets, then you’re deeply mistaken!



Catch up with dolphins

5.40 am. wake up. Belly still full after yesterday’s dinner buffet, where unfortunately (for my figure) as usual turned on mode there’s no limits. Ben picks us up – local guy. Amazing man, to which I shall return later.


We hit the road. Still sleepy atmosphere in the car interrupts the sound of the phone. Ben gets a signal from a friend that in the bay appeared dolphins. We accelerates. We’re changing deftly car for of a motorboat. Definitely already awakened by the wind, sea breezes and views of the island from the perspective of the ocean, we’re slowing down. O kur..! (ow fu..!) Dolphins! – I scream excited in Polish, forgetting that none of the co crew doesn’t speak in my mother language.



It begins a cat and mouse game. Dolphins come to the surface of water, the captain tries to gently swim by its motorboat as close as we could jump into the water and find ourselves close to these magnificent creatures, but then they dive, and again we’re starting looking out for them. And we’re repeating this game over and over again :)


After several attempts we finally succeeds. Jump into the water, dive and they are! So beautiful, as if smiling, moving with grace. The impression compounded by the fact that I could hear them! I hear how they communicate! Of course it wasn’t like in the movies that I kept their dorsal fins and they dragged me into the unknown. Also saying that I had them on the doorstep would be a lie. But with full responsibility, I can say that they were lengths of two arms away… Lebron James arm :)



The later the hour, the more boats were coming. At the time we were already coming back were as many as 14 boats + canoeist. Delight transformed in the grotesque. 14 boats filled with tourists is on standby. Suddenly someone spotted dolphins and the whole flotilla rushing toward them. The first daredevils jump into the water, but the rest of the boat arrives and the sound of engines makes the dolphins dive and disappear. After a few moments dolphins occur somewhere again and game starts again.


To beat yourself

We change salt water to fresh water. We go to the Falls of Rochester. Ben throws as if it’s something as normal as walking in the park – and now we gonna do cliff jumping. From a height of over 10 meters. I begin to calculate. If I’m 1.88 meters tall it’s as if place about 6 of me one on other… imagining it, I start to question jumping.


It starts to rain. Everything it’s getting slippery. Analyzing machine starts: I can slip and fall down. Not only I’ll break myself, I’ll also have problems in the company that before the flight I’m taking part in such a extreme activities. We arrive. On-site local kids deftly jumping from boulder to boulder to walk to the edge of the cliff and jump down. Ben jumps after them – 60-year-old guy! Sowhat, I won’t jump?!


And I jumped. I did it! It was worth it! The side effect – a desire to do it again, this time into the ocean :) Next time.



In the land of the giants

The last stop is the giant tortoises reserve. Once they lived in the wild here, in large numbers, as well as on other islands of the Mascarene Archipelago, but in the seventeenth century Dutch exterminated them, treating turtles as “living canned”.


They are huge! They measure up to 1.5 meters long and on average weigh up to 250 kg. Although in the zoo in Texas, one individual weighs 360 kg, but as you perfectly know, in America everything is bigger. They don’t live short either. Usually they live from 100 to 150 years. Turtles reaches maturity at the age of 10-15, so they can copulate at the best for a looooong time, which I not only saw but also hear for myself. Among other amazing things, distinctive sound during lovemaking you can hear on the video from this trip:



For me, the biggest surprise was that these loveable giants like to be stroked, a scratch on the neck, patted. They set stroking her head and when you stop and get further away from them, they follow you, asking for more :)



Citizens of the paradise

Residents of Mauritius are, as for the people living in paradise befits are smiling, cheerful, helpful, not bothered to the concerns of everyday life. The best example of this was mentioned several times already – Ben, leaded by whom we had the opportunity to explore the island. Forever smiling and chirpy 60-year-old, who for his leaving provides fun in Mauritius for crew from my company


We talk about his country. Most of the people are employed in the tourism sector and textile industries. The vast majority religion is Hinduism (the British in the XIX century brought workers from India), and right behind Christianity. People communicate in Creole and French (remnant of the French who controlled the island in the XVIII century). He asked not to take him as someone who hasn’t seen the world because he actually had and not less than me! Well, Ben was a sailor, who nailed to the ports of all continents. Also lived a year in London and a year in Paris.


And in any case he wouldn’t change his lifestyle, low, as for our Western standards, wages (but sufficient for what is needed) and simple house for luxuries of the Western world, living in a permanent rush and low temperatures.


While driving there through towns, you can see that most of the houses looks quite modest, not to say poor. On the streets are running wild dogs. But at the same time you passes slowly walking people, who talk while sitting on the porches of their homes and they seem to be just happy.


Of course, I don’t believe in fairy tales and certainly also among them are crooks, thieves and other cruds, but without a doubt it’s a different world than ours. And, meanwhile, it continues to amaze me the fact that our planet is so diverse, not only in terms of nature, but also by the people who inhabit it. I want to explore it further! And present to you whatever and whoever I meet, of course, in my subjective point of view :)


Two videos from the trips you’ll find here:

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