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28 Feb 2020

How it started..

How it started..

So it happend! Daniel – Flying Polack! started his journey with blogging. Daniel – 26 years old, Pole from Warsaw, who few months ago revolutionized his life. And not so long ago nothing portended it.

Two years ago I got master’s degree from spatial planning (urbanistics). I was already working in the Ministry of Regional Development as a full-time job. I liked it. Sounded nice when somebody asked me where I work. I imagined how I will be promoted step after step in such a huge corporation. Then was the plan to buy apartment (of course by taking a loan from the bank for 30 years, hell yeah!), family, etc. In the meantime I started frequently going to the gym, learning about nutrition, and even paying attention on what I eat. When time allowed I was realizing another passion – travelling. Whenever I had holidays, vacations and money I was visiting different parts of the world. Preferably this Spanish speaking. It started from trip around the Spain on bicycle in 5 weeks, then were national parks in USA and trips to Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica. During every one of them I was feeling great, like real traveller, discoverer, almost like Indiana Jones! However I was aware that I have to come back, because of the work, responsibilities, need to save money for another trip. It was different during the last one. Costa Rica, March 2014.
I came back, but I was full of regret, sorrow that I had to leave this unbelievably biodiversity, green place. But this what weighed heavily on my soul was reluctance of coming back behind the desk. To this routine: from Monday to Friday, from 8.15 am to 4.15 pm, then gym, preparing meals on next day, ironing shirts and so on.

Always after coming back from my trips, I was meeting my dear friends to tell them how was it, to hand a gift from far lands. At the beginning of April of this year, as first person, my story was heard by a dear friend of mine Ula – travel soul like mine. I told her what bothers me and together alongside with beer (obviously included into my macros! ;) ), we started planning how we gonna quite the job and start travelling! As (among my friends) I’m well known from my “mathematics skills”, I quickly calculated how many months, or rather years I should work to gather such amount of money. This conclusion drove me to despair. Fortunately Ula saved mine bacon. She said: “What about you becoming a cabin crew? You could earn and travel in the same time. For instead some airlines based in Dubai, UAE flies to 6 continents, provides apartment and the money is not bad either”. I said: “I’m in!”

As he said, he did. I started searching internet about this. How exactly looks a job, advantages, disadvantages and what you have to do to get the job. I bought suit and in the second half of April, self-confident, went for open days. When I saw in the assembly hall more or less 300 people I thought “it’s over”. Surprisingly another day I received a call with invitation to next stage. There was a test from english knowledge (which, to be honest, is not my biggest strength), tasks in groups, checking your leadership skills, tasks on creativity etc. The last stage was Final Interview and afterwards I had to wait for a phone call, which, as I was assured, should come after 4-8 weeks. And it came! After 5 and a half weeks.

I had a few parties with closest friends, I said goodbye to my family, friends, Warsaw and 18th July I came to Dubai, one of the 7 Emirates, which compose on United Arab Emirates. It started very exotic for the guy from Poland – a cold country with polar bears on the street – how many of “western people” think. More than 40 Celsius degrees and Ramadan. I passed through 7-week, intensity training and in second half of September I started flying!

Lovely story but from where came idea about blogging? So, after every one of my journeys, and also after those as a cabin crew, I post photo galleries on social media along with comprehensive descriptions of the places I visited. Few friends liked pretty much those descriptions that from some time they were trying to make me to start writing a blog and they finally succeed ;) This blog will tell you about places I visit, people I meet and also about backstage of working as a cabin crew. Here you can read my opinions and observations which not everybody will like. Sometimes it can get even funny. So enjoy!

1. First visit to the beach 2. Posing in uniform 3. After ride in the world fastest roller costar in Ferrari World Park

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  1. PatriciaJags January 18, 2015 / 10:54 am

    bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!

    • neli koeva July 19, 2015 / 8:09 pm

      great blog, ill use as my new trip advisor

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